Cran Chile Farms (CCF) is the largest grower of cranberries in the world producing approximately 430,000 barrels (20,000 metric tons) of cranberries per year. CCF is headquartered in Aylin, Chile.

CCF consists of nine operating farms in the beautiful Patagonia Lake Region. This region of Chile is one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world. The company also has land for future development known as Dos Ríos. With dramatically higher yields, lower operating costs and higher brix, CCF has become one of the industry leading growers of cranberries.

The company uses economies of scale (its farms are roughly 500% larger per farm than in North America) and new technologies (using proprietary multipurpose bridges) to generate industry leading operating metrics. Because Chile is one of the leading free trade countries in the world, it is attractive to export cranberry products around the world from Chile.

In 2013 Cran Chile became a  new member of Ocean Spray. 100% of CCF´s production will be delivered to Ocean Spray subject to long term delivery contracts. The Ocean Spray brand with sales of approximately $2 billion per year, is one of the best known and valuable brands in the world.