CC Farms is the largest grower of cranberries in the world. CC Farms consists of nine operating farms in the beautiful Patagonia Lake Region. This region of Chile is one of the most beautiful and productive agricultural areas in the world. While cranberries are indigenous to North America, they are not easy to grow commerically. CC Farms is the only successful cranberry grower outside of North America.
CC Farms uses economies of scale and new technologies (using proprietary multipurpose bridges) to generate industry leading operational metrics. With high yields, lower operating costs and exceptional quality, CC Farms has become the industry leader.

The long term future of cranberry production is tied to the development and utilization of new cranberry hybrids. CC Farms is currently working with 16 new varieties including two US state universities and has signed an exclusive relationship for South America with Rutgers University.

In 2013 Cran Chile sold its state of the art processing facility in Lanco, Chile to Ocean Spray and became a grower owner of Ocean Spray. 100% of CC Farms production is delivered to Ocean Spray.
The combination of Cran Chile Farms production, Ocean Spray’s processing
expertise and Chile’s renowned free trade agreements has proven to be a winner.