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Our Fields

In one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world, southern Chile, cranberries are grown in fields specially prepared for this purpose. Three varieties of this wonderful fruit arrived in Chile in vitro more than three decades ago from North America and found here excellent conditions to develop magnificently.

Cran Chile currently has more than 700 hectares in production, located in 7 different locations in the south of Chile.

Research, Development and Innovation:

Bees play a fundamental role in production

We maintain long-term contracts with important beekeepers in the area, ensuring the supply of this wonderful insect vital to our crop.

New varieties

We are constantly testing new cranberry varieties that better adapt to our ecosystem.

Innovation and the Internet of Things (IOT)

Use of the mobile bridge for applications and humidity sensors for irrigation.

Agreement with Chilean universities

Laboratory and field trials for more sustainable production.

Attendance at national and international congresses

Exchange of information and updating on the latest technologies in cranberry production.

Networking with North American universities and growers

Visits to growers and experimental stations dedicated to cranberries.