Our commitment to sustainability

We are an active part of the ecosystem of the territory where our fields are located, working since 2018 in the protection of basins through community reforestation, for the care of water.

We promote sustainable local development that strengthens the local economy, through partnerships and collaborative work with various public, private and civil society organizations, contributing to the welfare of local communities, assuming an important role in strengthening the technical education of young people in the area and creating quality job opportunities.

Promoting Sustainability and Local Development: Cran Chile's Commitments

At Cran Chile, social responsibility and commitment to our environment are fundamental. Every action we take reflects our commitment to sustainability and the overall development of the communities around us.

We implemented reforestation with native species in areas bordering rivers and streams, protecting the water that supplies our fields and neighboring communities. With 17 hectares covered until 2024, we have planted more than 15 thousand species, including Roble, Coihue, Raulí, Notros, Maitén, Mañío and Ulmo.

Since 2020, we have been collaborating with CONAF and neighborhood councils in the protection of water sources, springs and rivers in nearby communities.

We participate in basin protection and economic development roundtables, such as the Aylin Roundtable in the Lanco Commune, the La Luma Basin Protection Roundtable in Paillaco and the Paillaco Agricultural and Forestry Communal Roundtable, fostering collaboration with companies, organizations and public services for comprehensive protection of the basins, through public agreements.

We established important working agreements with CONAF, municipalities and local communal organizations neighboring Cran Chile’s properties, supporting the creation and expansion of community nurseries of native plants in Panguipulli and Lanco, generating local suppliers and promoting a circular economy model.

We facilitated the creation of a community potato seedbed in the José Dionisio Millapán Indigenous Community in Panguilelfun.

We formed alliances with Canales NGO and Inacap to strengthen technical education in high schools in Lanco and Paillaco, promoting agricultural and mechanical specialties.

We collaborated with the Mapuche Association EPU RUMEN ZUNGUN of Panguipulli in the creation of the Community House, contributing in the necessary management and paperwork.

Joint work with municipalities to improve critical areas of access and neighborhood roads, support in the face of wildfires, among others.

In collaboration with Club Deportes Valdivia and Club Deportivo Malalhue, we created a Basketball School for more than 20 children and young people from rural sectors, promoting sports and community development.

We participated in a gender equity mentorship with the company AB Inbev.

We are measuring our carbon footprint to contribute to global warming reduction. We select suppliers and providers who share this same vision.

We have been certified for several years with Good Agricultural Practices (Global Gap) and Sustainability Audit (FSA) certifications.

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